Hi. We’re Claire & Clive.

We are lucky enough to live in Eastbourne, on the South Coast of England, right at the foot of the South Downs. The scenery is stunning, and we love our long bike rides at the weekend.

But holy moly – the hills! 

We started looking at electric bikes to give us a boost on the uphill slopes and so we could cycle for longer without running out of puff. But the prices were prohibitive, over £1,000 per ebike. Then we looked at converting our existing bikes using a kit, but these looked complicated with lots of parts that needed specialist expertise to install and maintain.  Like this one below:

Complicated bike converter kit image

That’s when we teamed up with our manufacturer who have spent the last five years developing the Easi-fit Ebike Kit – it’s beautifully simple and easy to install with a powerful motor and lots of fun features.

Best of all it means we can go on bike rides for so much longer. The kits have transformed our weekend bike rides. If we need a helping hand getting to the top of Beachy Head, we’ve got it. If we’re feeling fit and want to get to the summit ourselves, we can turn the motor off.

We also find we are using the bike much more generally – instead of getting the car out to go shopping, we jump on our bike. Better for us, and better for the environment.

We really want others to experience what we have. So we decided to start our own company bringing this great Ebike Kit to the UK.

Give it a go – we know you’ll love your newly electrified bike!

If you have any questions or want to share your own story, do get in touch, 0333 577 0343.  We’d love to hear from you.